All our reusable cannulas are custom built to your needs and take between 2 - 3 weeks for build and delivery.

Any customization is possible at the standard price of US$18.00

These are  available in diameters 3mm 4mm straight ,
length: 32 cm
1 hole standard
2 hole standard
3 hole standard
Illouz modified
2 port radial .
3 Radial port plus
plus pyramidal
cane .
these in 4 and 5 mm (one of each)
charge k
charge k +
these in 3 , 4 and 5 mm
multi -hole 6
spiral .
multi hole 12.
these in 1.4 mm 2, 3 mm 4 mm. these em 15 cm
re -injection style ii
open ended re- injection
v disection
these in 3 and 4 mm.
toledo v
4 and 5 are in mm
becker round
Greater becker round
Greater becker flat
becker basket
becker twist

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Liposuction Cannulas - Reusable

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